Advancing technology and globalisation has led to a significant number of increased business opportunities. With this the need for a culturally aware and trained management team has never before been so important.  An understanding of the different cultural environments in which businesses operate, and a deeper underlying knowledge of why and how things work are vital to success.  This is applicable in an international context, doing business domestically as well as understanding the nuances of small regional communities.

The directors of D|CIFA have a significant wealth of experience in both an international and domestic setting.

Internationally they have managed large organisations in Africa (150+ staff), in particular during times of political turmoil. An understanding of the risks and how to mitigate these is crucial for business and their staff to understand.

We currently work with organisations who have multinational sites, assisting them to understand the different markets, staffing and business complexities that arise in these situations.

D|CIFA has undertaken significant amounts of work within the ASEAN region, specialising within collectivist cultures. This has involved business negotiation on behalf of clients, training staff to understand and undertake business, through to step by step coaching through the entire business setup and operation within an international context.

​D|CIFA has extensive contacts within China and South East Asia to facilitate all business operations, including banking operations in Hong Kong.

D|CIFA is in a unique position of having assisted and supported many medium and large organisations (and government departments) to maximise opportunities in regional communities. D|CIFA has leveraged investment dollars to capitalise on the opportunities that regional communities hold for the benefit of organisations across various industries.

​The directors of D|CIFA have lived experience within regional communities for over forty years. The nuance and hidden heartbeat of these communities is something that is so frequently misunderstood by businesses wishing to establish operations in regional context, that they often come unstuck. This causes not only significant business losses but also at times, complete business failure. D|CIFA is able to help your business navigate these complexities, in an engaging and proactive manner to achieve an optimal business outcome. D|CIFA also has a unique understanding of the political landscape that businesses need to traverse to be able to establish operations. Regional cultural understanding is essential for any business that is planning to establish operations. 


If you would like to find out more about how D|CIFA can help your business, please contact one of the co-founders. We are an Australian based company using global methodology.


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