Town Square


In a world that is ever-growing and enlarging, connections are becoming difficult to maintain across vast distances, demographics and via multiple news mediums. Social media has many positives but often in the busy echo chamber of unbridled opinions and comments, branding can be tarnished and important messages are diluted … or even lost altogether. Keeping connected and ensuring that the flow of information hits the intended target at the right time, in the right tone with the right messaging is becoming increasingly challenging.


Town Square is a community engagement tool that takes the best of multiple communication mediums and removes the limitations from them. It sits in the pockets of your people so you can send out messages, knowing they will hit the right target every time. Town Square removes

uncertainty, ensures that the message remains the key focus but at the same time keeps the conversation going between you and your community. Your people can stay informed, up to date and provide real-time feedback.


The most interesting aspect of the Town Square tool is that it can be tailor-made for your unique business or situation. It will carry your branding, your messaging, your information, your people, your feedback.

Town Square is a mobile phone app built for both iOS and Android devices that can replace a myriad of other communication mediums and tools, with one purpose-built tool. Your organisation can choose the features that best meet your organisations’ needs and the needs of your people creating a bespoke communication tool that suits you.


Features that can be built into Town Square include:

The whole of organisation news


Departmental News


Demographic-based information


Short surveys


Emergency information


Promotional information


Job notification



Event, program and activities notification 


Place-based information i.e.local neighbourhoods 


Community news


Sub Group Messaging


Direct one-on-one two way messaging


Video messaging


Ability to send and receive photos and other attachments


If you would like to find out more about how D|CIFA can help your business, please contact one of the co-founders. We are an Australian based company using global methodology.


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