Through years of experience collaborating with a variety of workplaces, the founders of D|CIFA discovered that the performance of businesses were often impeded by existing internal workplace systems and culture. This paradox led them to ask the question – “why is this occurring and how much of an impact is it having on the business?”

Initial research focused on establishing the financial cost that this paradox would have on an organisation. The results were eyeing opening. Highly effective staff who grew increasingly frustrated with a business that failed to reach it’s potential were left feeling disillusioned and dissatisfied. The result was organisation underperformance and a decrease in individual staff productivity. Based on this research, the founders of D|CIFA devised a bottom-up analysis method to highlight these organisational weaknesses and identify the key areas of improvement.

This process then was then tested, again and again, and again. Over the course of two years of work, the Productivity and Performance Audit (PPA) was devised and has become the central tool for testing business performance and identifying key areas of improvement. A fundamental consideration within the development of D|CIFA has been rigorous statistical testing and design, with thorough evaluation incorporated into the audit process.


As a part of the audit process D|CIFA investigates the following:

D|CIFA’s core value statement is simple yet powerful,. It is deliberate in design, ensuring it reflects everything that D|CIFA does. Accordingly, our core value statement is:



How we are able to do this is what sets D|CIFA apart from all other organisations on the market. At D|CIFA we are intentional in ensuring that our focus remains on the following:


At D|CIFA, we embed these same principles in our own organisational culture.

D|CIFA is driven by a desire to see organisations achieve results. Upon engagement, we ensure that clear outcomes and goals are set to ensure success. The majority of our clients engage our services for two reasons, to:


If you would like to find out more about how D|CIFA can help your business, please contact one of the co-founders. We are an Australian based company using global methodology.